About us

P.T Impact Indoniesa was created when Impact International Pty Ltd (Australia) first ventured into Indonesia in 1967. Impact International was supplying the Indonesian mint with a grand total of 7000 tonnes of coin blanks, which were manufactured in Australia. These were used to make coins (currency) in Indonesia.

In 1969 Impact International began to establish its presence in Indonesia. By January 1970, P.T Impact was officially established to make tubes by purchasing P.T Djati, a local tube producer. The company was located in Jakarta.

In 1972, P.T Impact Indonesia began casting zinc callots, for us in the manufacturing of dry cell batteries. The production was setup to meet the standards of the casting line located at Impact International in Australia, which had many respectable customers, such as Union Carbide.

As the company continued to grow, production was relocated from Jakarta to Surabaya in 1986. From this date, we have been consistently manufactured our products from this factory in Rungkut.

We weathered the financial crisis of 1998 well, as did the majority of the Impact International group, due to the fact that many of our customers are large corporations whose products are considered necessities. The aftermath of the financial crisis left us in a position to expand and in 1998 work began on a new, purpose built production plant in Pasuruan. This was completed in 2001. Our factory in Pasuruan now manufacturers all our aluminium tubes, with clean rooms having been installed on our production lines which are dedicated to producing pharmaceutical tubes.

Currently we are focused on improving our production techniques to higher quality, quantity and efficiency. With a wealth of knowledge from our sister and parent companies in Australia and Europe, we look forward to working with our customers and sharing our experiences and expertise so that our customers always have the best possible tubes from PT Impact Indonesia.