Product offering:

Aluminium tubes are the perfect tube for the pharmaceutical industry as they offer the highest protection against air contaminates and tampering. They provide a complete barrier to light, gases, moisture, fats, oils, volatile chemicals and micro-organisms. They are ideal for products that are sensitive to air and require maximum shelf life after opening. Our tubes can be produced either with an open or closed orifice, if you choose a closed orifice, the tube will be manufactured with a thin membrane of aluminium that is easy to pierce with the cap.

10 reasons on why you should use an aluminium tube for your product:

1. Protects the inside product from oxygen migration.

2. Nontoxic and hygienic.

3. Easy to handle and lightweight, it reduces transport and handling cost.

4. Costs less than tin or lead tubes. 

5. High quality printing options make the tube look attractive to customers, improving the image of the brand.

6. As the contents are squeezed out, the tube collapses, hence no suck back occurs, helping to preserve the contents of the tube.

7. Tubes have a high level of consumer acceptance compared to other packaging formats.

8. Filling equipment for aluminium tubes is readily available.

9. Aluminium tubes are 100% recyclable

10. Our aluminium tubes can be protected with internationally registered anti-counterfeit protection.